Memory Expansion

The memory expansion option for the RHP4K series of processors essentially provides each processor node with a relatively high bandwidth cache of synchronous SRAM. The only currently available size of memory expansion is 128K. The maximum theoretical bandwidth of the memory expansion card is 132 MB/s although more realistically, sustained bandwidth will be at around 66 MB/s. The memory expansion is required for applications such as the Lockpick password cracker, and is highly recommended for the performance-conscious designer.

Pictured above is the 128K memory expansion module. It features a Micron Technology SSRAM and a local 3.3V power regulator. The memory module is organized as 64Kx16 bits of memory, and currently clocks in at 66 MHz maximum (higher speed modules will be made available as affordable FPGA technology catches up with memory speeds).

The memory expansion is available only in fully assembled form for $99.

Currently, purchases can be made only by check or money order. Please contact for further information. Allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.

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