RHP4K Scalability

The RHP4K series offers scalability via a variation of the IEEE 1284 parallel port. RHP4K processors can be daisy-chained on the IEEE 1284 interface. Each RHP4K processor is assigned a unique ID via dipswitches. The bus protocol used is called the Internode Bus Protocol (IBP) and it is a burst-based, single bus master protocol which allows a peak bandwidth of around 1 MB/s depending upon the hosts capabilities. Fast communication from the host to the network is available via a few broadcast wires, and fast communication from the network to the host occurs via a wired-OR (open collector) scheme. The theoretical maximum limit of scalability is 256 processors, although practical limits places scalability to about 16 processors.

Pictured above is the terminator module for the IEEE 1284 bus required by the RHP4K series procesors. The terminator module is similar to the kind of terminator you might find on a SCSI bus. This terminator helps guarantee signal integrity for configurations from 1 to 16 processors. Repeaters are required for larger configurations.

The terminator is bundled with each RHP4K. If you wish to purchase a terminator individually, the cost is $20 + S&H.

Currently, purchases can be made only by check or money order. Please contact bunnie@mit.edu for further information. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.


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