Installation of SH1WH Development Environment

Andrew Huang

1. Get,, and Save them on your target drive, in this example, C:.
2. Unzip to c:\. It will create a directory tree called \gnush which contains the compiler, libraries, and sources.
3. Create a directory called sh1whcomm on c:, and unzip to that directory.
4. Install JDK. Get the binaries from Sun Microsystems and run the install program. The most recent rev at the time of writing, JDK1.1.7B, installs to C:\jdk1.1.7b.
5. Unzip the java comm extensions ( to your jdk1.1.7b directory.
6. Copy the files comm.jar and win32comm.dll to \jdk1.1.7b\bin, and copy to \jdk1.1.7b\lib. You may need to set windows to show all file types instead of hiding system types to see the .dll file.
7. Add these lines to your autoexec.bat file.
8. Reboot your computer. (*sigh*)
9. Start JTerm by doing cd c:\sh1whcomm and typing java JTerm (The J and T must be capitalized in JTerm). This should start the comm software. You must click on "open port" to start interacting with the board.
10. You can use the template directory in c:\gnush\sh1wh\templdos as a template for your C programs. Just set up the makefile to point to the right files (search-and-replace for the keyword test4 and replace with your filename), and make a .h file for your code. You should be able to type make in your code directory, and the make should complete with no errors.