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Andrew "bunnie" Huang brings to Xenatera LLC an extensive background in electronics systems engineering. His skills set includes:

digital design (verilog/ASIC/FPGA/discrete systems)
reverse engineering (hardware and software)
embedded systems design and programming (ARM, MIPS, PIC, SH-1)
board layout, fabrication and assembly
java/C/assembly programming
analog design (discrete and integrated)
computer architecture (parallel, vector, scalar techniques)
high speed interconnect and signal integrity
applied cryptography and systems security
systems engineering

He recently received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Company History

Xenatera LLC evolved from XTZ Technology Development & Consulting (hereafter referred to as "XTZ"). XTZ was formed by Andrew Huang in June 2000. The mission of XTZ was to provide cutting-edge consulting services and to develop innovative solutions and products in the area of portable instruments and computers. XTZ's core competency was digital design and system integration; XTZ's premiere contract was for a cell phone featuring streaming digital video and high-speed data connectivity.

Xenatera LLC has many resources at its disposal for its primary mission of prototyping and development. It is in full ownership of a digital systems design and prototyping laboratory. It also has significant computational resources at its disposition. Xenatera LLC also has agreements in place with local labs that brings access to the requisite photolithography, developing and etching equipment for microfabricration.



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